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  1. Laura says:

    Jeffrey Beall & allies are organized scam group. As the authors from developing nations like India, China are going away from closed access journals, closed access group is using this scamster as a tool. For example before 2 or 3 months ago, The scamster Jeffery Beall’s list get published in leading Indian news paper (the Hindu) to shun way the Indian authors from OA journals. In india, his supporter has a big presence, specifically in South India In Feb 2013, the same list get published in the front pages of Indonesian news paper. In these countries, any one can publish news by throwing money to news papers.

  2. Can you prove that Jeffrey Beall received money from Hindawi or Versita open?
    I suppose that many journals in his list are not predator, and he also includes non open access journal (Trade Science from India). I feel that he wants to kill all open access journals, or maybe all journals from developing countries, which only charge affordable APC. I believe, that many journals in his list are OK (some are already in scopus), and very helpful for authors from developing countries who can not afford the exorbitant APC from many European/American publisher.

  3. A Clement says:

    My name is A.M.Clement: Jeffrey Beall is an impostor and academic criminal.
    I also thing that Jeffrey Beall is an impostor and academic criminal.

    a) I recently forwarded an email to him from this Publisher: Advanced Technology & Science (ATScience)
    Actually this publisher is spamming me everyday and promise rapid publication of my papers to its conferences and journals. Also, instead of conference proceedings, they push all the papers from the conferences to their journals which is unnaceptable.

    I told to Jeffrey Beall:
    “The problem is that they promise automatic publication in their journals, if you attend their conference. See this SPAM So, i believe that this: Advanced Technology & Science (ATScience) is a predatory publisher because of their aggressive spam and because of their promises for automatic publication of whatever to receive to their Journals”

    I sent real proofs to Jeffrey Beall!
    But Jeffrey Beall refused and still refuses to add to his black list.
    The reply of Jeffrey Beall was funny and ridiculous.

    “I understand. I think this case is borderline. I would like to monitor this publisher some more before making any decision. Please send me any additional information if possible.
    Thank you,
    Jeffrey Beall”

    Why? If some Publisher sould be in black list the Advanced Technology & Science (ATScience) must be from the beggining.

    I imagine then that Jeffrey Beall needs some time to make negotiations for his tariff (bribery) from (ATScience) . You can find in several blogs the offshore accounts of Jeffrey Beall in Belize and in some islands of Carribean Sea.

    If (ATScience) pays the necessary money, then Jeffrey Beall will not include it in his List of Predatory Publishers!

    b) A Journal with the title: Global Journal of Science, Engineering, and Technology and web site receives publication fees from the authors. 500 – 1000 USD.
    The Journal is quite wide, vast and we would expected to be in the List of Jeffrey Beall.
    I sent email to Jeffrey Beall about it and I astonished with the reply:

    “Dr. Clement,

    I just looked at the Global Journal of Science, Engineering, and Technology. I find the sound annoying, but I don’t want to add this journal to my list at this time either. I found some small problems, but not enough to classify it as predatory.

    If you think I am mistaken, please let me know.


    Jeffrey Beall”

    I explained to Jeffrey Beall that according his own criteria, a journal that can publish everything from every science and every scientific field, with a publication fee 500 – 1000 USD must be predatory, because for the same reason, Jeffrey Beall classified as predatory publishers many other honest and legitimate pyblishers.

    Jeffrey Beall obviously received his kickback from the Global Journal of Science, Engineering, and Technology and did not clasify them as Predatory.

    What a Shame Jeffrey Beall! To destroy honest and legitimate publishers and to promote vanity press for revenue in your offshore accounts!

    I have all the emails (with headers, IP addresses etc)
    Send an email to me:

  4. AICIT is not in the List of Jeffrey List. Why? Did they pay? We dare Beall to include AICIT in his list.

    AICIT is not in the List of Jeffrey List. Why? Did they pay? We do not know. We cannot prove it as in the case of Hindawi, AIP, Taylor and Francis and so many publishers that sent money that bribed and corrupted Jeffrey Beall.

    However, AICIT continuously advertize in their spam emails automatic publication of the same papers (after the conferences) in their Journals.

    We sent an email to Jeffrey Beall (from another email account and with a nick name) and we asked him why AICIT is not in his black list. He replied that “I find that AICIT is excellent”

    However AICIT is not fine because:

    i) AICIT is a commercial company that uses illegaly and without permission the name of IEEE in its conferences. This is the definition of the academic scam. We know that IEEE does not grant name and logo to so many conferences, we contact IEEE and we were told that they had never granted sponsorship or cosponsorship to IEEE and we send our correspondence with IEEE to Jeffrey Beall (from another email account and with a nick name)

    ii) AICIT promises automatic publication of all the papers of its conferences, the same papers and not extended papers, to their journals. We sent the AICIT SPAM to Jeffrey Beall (from a quite different email account and with a new nick name)

    iii) AICIT charges money for publication in its journals and promises rapid review. Isn’t it the definition of Predatory Publisher?

    iv) AICIT has a very strange review process. You sent a paper and you got letter of acceptance after 2-3 days without comments, just an account information, in Korea, for money transfer . We show all these documents to Jeffrey Beall. He told us: OK. They are not perfect, but they are not predatory! I do not want to include them in my list.

    v) AICIT web site show as Presidet some Franz I. S. Ko. Franz I. S. Ko is not a Professor at any university and probably it is a made-up name. He is “President” in AICIT only and has some positions in some strange (maybe dummy) organizations. But no problem for Jeffrey Beall. He founds AICIT perfect!

    vi) AICIT had 3 journals that according Beall’s criteria, they must be classified as Full-Predatory:
    Check them yourself at
    * International Journal of Engineering and Industries (IJEI)
    * Research Notes in Information Science (RNIS)
    * International Journal of Robots, Education and Art (IJREA)
    The title of the Journals especially the first is quite general and unacceptable (Engineering and Industries [sic]). Jeffrey Beall, however, consider Journals of general themes are a proof of a predatory publisher. Then why he refuses to include AICIT in his list?
    Also, Jeffrey Beall declares that if you mix unrelated topics in the same journal then you are a predatory publisher. But what is his opinion about the International Journal of Robots, Education and Art (IJREA) of AICIT? AICIT mixed in the same journal Robotics, Education and Art.

    vii) AICIT is a really predatory publishing company, but deliberately, intentionally and craftily not in the Beall’s list while we have informed Jeffrey Beall about them several times. AICIT declares: International Association for Information, Culture, Human and Industry Association. See: How you can have an Association for all these quite different disciplines? This is a Fake Association. A dummy organization, but Jeffrey Beall likes it. Quite Interesting!

    viii) AICIT is actually an one-man show: Franz I. S. Ko or of the person that is behind Franz I. S. Ko. Where are the articles of this association? Where are their the documents of the last elections?
    And where are the members? How can we become members of AICIT? Members but members not to pay annual subscription, but also to vote and to be voted. That is to participate in the internal things, administration of AICIT.

    What do you think Beall. Will you include them in your black list. (A probable answer is: No, because AICIT paid a lot of money to my accounts in Belize and Saint Vicent)

    Till now, Jeffrey Beall consider that AICIT is fine and is a legitimate publisher. Draw your own conclusions
    We dare Beall to include AICIT in his list otherwise we are entitled to believe that AICIT bribed and corrupted this “predatory” Librarian (=Jeffrey Beall)

    Jeffrey Beall include AICIT in your black list. Can you do it???

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