Jeffrey Beall Scam

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  1. Dear Journal Publisher,

    I believe you are sufferrting from the Jeffrey Beall’s blog:
    It is useless to send the explanations, complains, and attorney demand letters to him. Jeffrey Beall is a pretentious man, treating himself as the king in journal publishing.
    Therefore, I argue you, the victims, to take legal actions to protect yourself. I strongly suggest you file a litigation at your local courts. The OMICS Group started its action, please see:

    – It is convenient for you, geographic and language convenience.
    – Save your money and time. If your budget is tight, you may file the case by yourself.
    – If you live in USA or those countries that have legal treaties with USA, the court orders may be effective in USA. Another approach is that the police will arrest Jeffrey Beall when he enters your country.
    – Without any actions; nobody cares your interests. Jeffrey Beall is a rogue and criminal in the scholarly community, and we have to punish him.

    Good luck.

    Geraldine Gold

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