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Jeffrey Beall Scam -paid a lot of money to my accounts in Belize and Saint Vicent)



AICIT is not in the List of Jeffrey List. Why? Did they pay? We dare Beall to include AICIT in his list. 

AICIT is not in the List of Jeffrey List. Why? Did they pay? We do not know. We cannot prove it as in the case of Hindawi, AIP, Taylor and Francis and so many publishers that sent money that bribed and corrupted Jeffrey Beall.

However, AICIT continuously advertize in their spam emails automatic publication of the same papers (after the conferences) in their Journals.

We sent an email to Jeffrey Beall (from another email account and with a nick name) and we asked him why AICIT is not in his black list. He replied that “I find that AICIT is excellent”

However AICIT is not fine because:

i) AICIT is a commercial company that uses illegaly and without permission the name of IEEE in its conferences. This is the definition of the academic scam. We know that IEEE does not grant name and logo to so many conferences, we contact IEEE and we were told that they had never granted sponsorship or cosponsorship to IEEE and we send our correspondence with IEEE to Jeffrey Beall (from another email account and with a nick name)

ii) AICIT promises automatic publication of all the papers of its conferences, the same papers and not extended papers, to their journals. We sent the AICIT SPAM to Jeffrey Beall (from a quite different email account and with a new nick name)

iii) AICIT charges money for publication in its journals and promises rapid review. Isn’t it the definition of Predatory Publisher?

iv) AICIT has a very strange review process. You sent a paper and you got letter of acceptance after 2-3 days without comments, just an account information, in Korea, for money transfer . We show all these documents to Jeffrey Beall. He told us: OK. They are not perfect, but they are not predatory! I do not want to include them in my list.

v) AICIT web site show as President some Franz I. S. Ko. Franz I. S. Ko is not a Professor at any university and probably it is a made-up name. He is “President” in AICIT only and has some positions in some strange (maybe dummy) organizations. But no problem for Jeffrey Beall. He founds AICIT perfect!

vi) AICIT had 3 journals that according Beall’s criteria, they must be classified as Full-Predatory:
Check them yourself at
* International Journal of Engineering and Industries (IJEI)
* Research Notes in Information Science (RNIS)
* International Journal of Robots, Education and Art (IJREA)
The title of the Journals especially the first is quite general and unacceptable (Engineering and Industries [sic]). Jeffrey Beall, however, consider Journals of general themes are a proof of a predatory publisher. Then why he refuses to include AICIT in his list?
Also, Jeffrey Beall declares that if you mix unrelated topics in the same journal then you are a predatory publisher. But what is his opinion about the International Journal of Robots, Education and Art (IJREA) of AICIT? AICIT mixed in the same journal Robotics, Education and Art.


vii) AICIT is a really predatory publishing company, but deliberately, intentionally and craftily not in the Beall’s list while we have informed Jeffrey Beall about them several times. AICIT declares: International Association for Information, Culture, Human and Industry Association. See: How you can have an Association for all these quite different disciplines? This is a Fake Association. A dummy organization, but Jeffrey Beall likes it. Quite Interesting!

viii) AICIT is actually an one-man show: Franz I. S. Ko or of the person that is behind Franz I. S. Ko. Where are the articles of this association? Where are their the documents of the last elections?
And where are the members? How can we become members of AICIT? Members but members not to pay annual subscription, but also to vote and to be voted. That is to participate in the internal things, administration of AICIT.

What do you think Beall. Will you include them in your black list. (A probable answer is: No, because AICIT paid a lot of money to my accounts in Belize and Saint Vicent)

Till now, Jeffrey Beall consider that AICIT is fine and is a legitimate publisher. Draw your own conclusions
We dare Beall to include AICIT in his list otherwise we are entitled to believe that AICIT bribed and corrupted this “predatory” Librarian (=Jeffrey Beall)

Jeffrey Beall include AICIT in your black list. Can you do it???



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  1. Robert Duth says:

    I think that Jeffrey Beall is a criminal person. He is a simple Librarian without Ph.D.
    He cannot evaluate more than 500 publishers; each with hundred of different disciplines.
    His Blog and his list is without value. I tell it to my students and colleagues not to pay attention to this shit.
    Jeffrey Beall is a really controversial personality. Should you send him some money he can writes against some publisher. Everybody knows that Hindawi pays him in his was against MDPI.

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