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Jeffrey Beall work as a librarian at Auraria Library, University of Colorado Denver, in Denver, Colorado. He  maintains a list of open access journals and  publishers.

He includes lot of good journals as list of Predatory publishers in his web page. He will write rubbish about the journals for particular period of time then email the publisher for negotiation. If the publisher agrees to pay him, he will remove the publisher from his predatory list. Since the growing and well reputed open access journals is taking the revenue of closed access publishers, he has been doing this scam for a long time and is backed by closed access journals community.

For example he black listed Hindawi  and Versita Open and after “negotiation”, he removed the publishers name from his black list.  This guy publish his “great research”  works  with the help of   his supporters. He had published an article in “XYZ” and it can be accessible in the Internet.

The readers posted comments about his real face and “XYZ’s websites. Since XYZ is a strong backer of him,  removed those comments from its web pages. THE XYZ is a one of the leading closed Access Publisher.

If any one has  Jeffrey Beall scam email, please post it here.




  1. The first time I read Mr. Beall’s list, I felt alerted to suspect predatory journals. However, after carefully examining the list, I found that there are publishers, which are not open accessand, also the publishers did not ask authors to pay, though they are listed as predatory open access. When I asked why, Mr Beall answered that he guessed that those publishers will change into OA when they have enough articles. So I supposed that some publishers are included based on a guess, not based on evidence.

    Moreover, I got a feeling that Mr Beall does not like comments that disagree with him. I can not pose any comment under my real name, after I posted comments that opposed his view. At first, I still could post using a pseudonym, but now both (Jeanne Adiwinata Pawitan and Galuh Sarasvati) are rejected; or the comment can be posted for a while, and then disappeared. Actually, my comments did not attacked him personally, I only argued against his opinion. Now, I have another pseudonym to enter his blog, but I won’t write it here, or otherwise he will block it too.

    I feel that he protects big and established publishers, while he made so much efforts to judge small and new publishers. Indeed, amongst the small and new publishers, there are many that are really bad, and of low quality, but I believed, that there are also some, which do not deserve to be present in the list.

    Thanks to this blog, which I know from one of Mr Beall’s posting comment, that now, I know the truth. I believe I know the reason why some good journals (I supposed so) are also present in the list.

  2. Emma Gem says:

    These days there are lot of websites, blogs talking about Open access journals and trying to destroy the open access model. is it a work of organised crime by the major publisher? Is there any research paper related to the industry sponsored organised crime like Jeffery beall

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